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Hi,I am Prateek Kashyap, a dog behaviorist and coach (I somehow prefer calling myself coach than a dog trainer ).

My  connection with dogs is dynamic and goes deeper than words. I know dogs and dogs know me..we are a family;) Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of dogs  of every size, breed and age.

I’ve conjoined with owners and trainers to improve their human-dog understanding and communication to turn troubled dogs into great buddies. 

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Puppy Behavior Consultation  

Suitable for only for puppies who are not aggressive towards humans.

(3-10 months old) ( One 40 mins Session – starts from Rs.2000 )

This  session specifically addresses issues of behavior problems such as fear, jumping, separation anxiety, whining for attention,
pulling on the leash, nipping, playing too roughly, digging and excessive barking.

Prior to the behavior consultation it would be advisable to submit videos & pictures of the issues.

Puppy Aggression Consultation

(3-7 months old) ( One 70 mins Session – starts from Rs.3000 )

Puppy aggression issues are a result of many different factors: lack of exercise, some pet parents are unable to fulfil basic psychological needs of their pets, over use of treats and wrong training techniques, can also be the reason for pup’s aggression.

Dogs have different body language as compared to us, misinterpretation of any warning signs of your pup can result in many behavioural issues like resource guarding and aggression towards humans or other animals.

The Fresh Start

Puppy Obedience Training

(6 sessions x 40 mins) (Rs.10,000/-)

You wish your dog would just settle down and communicate with you better?

This program is suitable for puppies age between 40 days to 4 months), this program is perfect for the first time pet parent who needs some help with basic commands and manners, with our special training methods designed for puppies it is possible in less than 6 sessions.

In this program we would teach you how to train your pup by yourself. It includes basic commands like sit, down, stay, come, no and puppy psychology.

You can think of it as a mini dog training course designed for first time pet parents.

After this program your pup will be well behaved and will understand simple basic obedience commands, be happier,calmer, and you will be able to  enjoy those walks finally!

Dog Behaviour Training

This service is not suited to behavior issues such as aggression and resource guarding (please see Dog Aggression Training)

 One 50 mins Session – Starts from Rs.3000 

This  session specifically addresses issues of behavior problems such as fear, jumping, separation anxiety, whining for attention,
pulling on the leash, nipping, playing too roughly, digging and excessive barking.

We might ask you to submit a video prior to understand the problem prior to home visit. It would help us understand your dog better.

Obedience Dog Training

(8 sessions x 40 mins) (Rs.15000) (9 months+)

This service is not suited to behavior issues such as aggression and resource guarding (please see Dog aggression training). 

Our obedience dog training packages are customizable to suit your needs. It includes road etiquettes,no, come, sit, stay, door manners and much more!


Dog Aggression Consultation

One 60-70 mins Session – Starts from Rs.3000.

In this consultation, trainer will observe the behaviour and discuss what are the  triggering points. At the end of this session trainer will give you professional opinion and make a plan to solve behaviour issues.

With right training techniques it is possible to train any  aggression issues, sometimes it takes time to see the results and sometimes it’s quick within 20mins of the session. Most of the time people lose hope with aggressive dogs, please remember you are not alone in this we are with you and we will find solution for you even if its severe aggression issue.

Happy To Help

Not sure which package to choose ? 

If you are not sure from where to begin, don’t worry !

Our initial phone consultation is complimentary. Goal of the consultation is to help you determine if we are the best match for you and your dog.

Actual dog training will begin on your first session if you decide to move forward.

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Ideology knows the answer before the question has been asked.

Principles are something different: a set of values that have to be adapted to circumstances but not compromised away.
— George Packer

Our methods are science backed delivering real results

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Understanding Dog Aggression

Aggressive Dog

An aggressive dog refers to a dog’s range of behaviours that can result in physical or non-physical harm.

Why do Dogs Get Aggressive?

Dogs get aggressive in situations that are unpleasant or it can be a cocktail of emotions that leads to aggressive behaviour, most commonly dogs get aggressive when provoked but the pre-aggression state of a dog at the moment of that provocation also matters.

Aggression can serve different purposes of a dog, including:

  • To express anger or hostility.
  • Feeling Powerless.
  • To show dominance.
  • To intimidate or threaten.
  • If demands are not fulfilled.
  • To express possession.
  • A response to fear.
  • A reaction to pain.
  • To compete with others.


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Vegetarian Diet for pet dogs

Hi, I’m Prateek Kashyap – a professional dog behaviourist. We and our loving pets are, quite literally, what we eat! So, I’m with you today to share my opinion and a few suggestions regarding a healthy vegetarian diet for pet dogs.

Before you and I dive into the 5 course menu { pun intended 😉 } please note there is no perfect diet plan as-in one size fits all.  Some dogs thrive well on vegetarian diets & some don’t. You know your dog better than anyone else!

Much like us, our pets’ diet should have multiple sources of carbs, protein & fat to  fulfil their nutritional demand.

In the wild, dogs do eat raw meat, but they also eat eggs, berries and even grass. Skeleton structure of a dog suggests that they are from Carnivora family but domestication of dogs over thousands of years helped them in adapting less meat and more plant based diet. So our furry friends have adapted very well to eat ‘what is grown rather than only having what is born.’

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Stop Excessive Barking

Dogs bark it is in there nature to bark, expecting them to not bark is not reasonable. It is the most basic form of communication.

Most commonly they bark as a sign of warning, to protect and when they are excited.

Excessive barking indicates something not balanced, so the dog’s needs are not fulfilled. By barking dog shows something is wrong.

Barking is not the problem excessive barking is, it is important to stop excessive barking it is not good for dog’s psychological health it’s frustrating and dog can be restless all the time which will invite other psychological problems.

To control excessive barking first understand the reasons behind it. There is no magic to stop your dog from barking it takes time. Also understand that some breeds barks more than others and they are bit more difficult to train.

There can be many reason to bark but generally there  are four main reasons for excessive barking :

  • Territorial or defensive barking
  • To get your attention
  • Barking in response to other dogs
  • Separation anxiety


We love what we do, and it shows!

D.O.W specializes in providing you with knowledge needed to train your dog. Our expert dog trainers will guide you through our proven science backed training methods & techniques. We will provide you all you need to build an amazing thriving friendship with your pet dog. You will be proud to have such a friendship with your obedient dog. Results of our dog training methods are outstanding, our most of the current clients are from.

Before training you, we would teach you to get the best out of your dog by understanding dog communications. 

Our unique training program would help you to understand the body language of your dog.

Healthy relationship with your dog would bring happiness and joy to the family.

Our dog training methods are well balanced, not too harsh or too soft.

Most of the pet parents in New Delhi say their dog knows  sit, stay, and other commands but still obedience and behavioral issues arise.  

We will teach you what is missing. Small things about dog training, we do it by teaching you how to train your dog.

We care about you and your dog !


We make it happen, with you as our partner

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