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Most behavioral issues are comes from experiences and surroundings. That’s why in home dog training is very successful because this is where most behavioral issues comes and it’s where your dog feels more comfortable. Because your dog can’t understand human languages the way we do and you can’t speak dog’s language, because of this many miscommunications occur.

Our dog trainers can teach you how to communicate with your pet dog in a language he we all can understand.
Dog psychology works differently than the human brain, and things that may seem common sense to us are not exactly in dogs world. Our trainers will help you understand your dog’s ways to understand this world.


Which one is best for you ? Home Dog Training or Private ?

The idea of home dog training proved very successful, Prateek Kashyap says “Our experience suggest that dogs learn quickly in their own surroundings, because in their familiar environment, their concentration is much higher than any other location. It is not advisable to send dog away for training, it takes four to five times longer because of adjusting in new environment takes times. 

It is same like learning to drive a car, it’s far better to learn the controls of your own car on the roads you know. With Home Dog Training, we can train dogs much quicker and more effectively. 

No matter if your dog is a puppy or an adult, a small breed or a large breed, from a breeder or a rescued, regardless of what behavioral issues your dog has, DOW can help! Any breed, any age, any issue!

Private Dog Training Packages

After understanding complete history of your dog, we will setup an appointment as per your convenience at your place or dogs location. Our trainer will spend up to 40-70 mins with you, understanding your dog, making strategies and methods that will help you to correct specific issue.

Looking for a dog trainer to train your puppy ?

Home Training For Puppy – One Month Puppy Training Course For Owners by best dog trainers in delhi.

Package starts from Rs.10,000/- (6 sessions)

Your puppy will be taught the following activities during the home puppy training course:

  • Walk correctly on a lead without pulling
  • Sit down
  • Stay at distance
  • Recall from distance
  • All the above with dog distraction
  • Social manners
  • Door manners

When you book your puppy with us we complete an extensive questionnaire, which covers your puppy’s behaviour and temperament together with any particular problems that you would like us to concentrate on. We are able to customise the course to your requirements.

We train on a one to one basis and advance at a rate that suits your puppy’s ability and temperament. As the course progresses the training activities become more difficult culminating in activities with other puppy’s present to provide realistic distractions.

Progress Reporting

During your puppy’s training course we provide regular progress reports that describe how we are getting on with your puppy’s training and what stage we have advanced to. Normally we send e-mail reports to you as we have found this to be the most convenient method. However we can also use the following report methods if you prefer: text or telephone.

In the unlikely event that we feel unable to train your puppy fully we will contact you to discuss the situation. If you decide to withdraw your puppy from the course immediately then no charge would be made.


On the final day of the course, we will demonstrate to you the activities that your puppy has learned during the training course. We think you’ll be surprised at the difference what we’ve achieved in just three weeks!

Owner Tuition

Your tuition takes place following our demonstration. We discuss with you the methods that we have used to train your puppy and that you can employ in the future. If you have had problems in the past this session should give you an insight into why this has occurred and how to avoid difficulties in the future. We try to get you to look at things from the puppy’s standpoint. Any particular characteristics that we have noticed about your puppy or points that we think would be helpful to you are discussed at this stage.

Next you spend time with our trainer, on a one to basis, working hands-on with your puppy learning handling skills. This is a perfect time to ask questions and discuss problems or worries.

You can ask as many questions as you like and take as long as you like at during tuition. We don’t want you to leave until we have covered everything to your satisfaction.

At Home

It is important to follow our guidelines carefully and not to try to progress too quickly. It takes us four weeks to train your puppy and it should take at least that for you to progress through. It’s quite simple to follow and it doesn’t take long each day but its essential to be consistent with your approach and not rush things. We will have demonstrated to you that your puppy knows what to do and so now its time to complete the transition ie you handling your puppy in your surroundings and building up your skills and confidence.

To help you at home we provide on-going support – if you have any questions or problems just e-mail or telephone us and we’ll advise best we can. If you need a further tuition session at our centre this can be arranged at relatively short notice.

Our Guarantee

If, after completing our training course, we can’t demonstrate to you that your puppy is obedient, walks correctly on a lead, will sit and stay, and will recall when another puppy is present, then we won’t charge you a penny! 

Dog training for good behaviour:
Have a calmer, happier, well behaved dog.

The best dog training for you and your dog to resolve dog behaviour problems and obedience issues. One to one dog training with Prateek Kashyap. Includes phone and email support – for as long as you own your dog. 

In-home 1:1 Behavior consultations and Obedience Training

Limited number of appointments are available with us – Please call one of our dog trainer for details: +91 9650671501

Personalised training with our best professional dog trainers.

We will come to see your dogs in your environment, so if there’s a dog behaviour problem you’d like us to see, we can go on a walk or to where the problem happens. We’ll listen to what you need and give you the right advice to get you back on track.

Common problems include: Dog aggression, pulling on lead, separation anxiety, dog recall, dogs jumping up, excessive barking, toilet training – Everything’s covered!

We don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to solving dog training & dog behaviour problems.

  • Prateek is recognised as one of the leading dog trainers. As of  2020, he’s worked with 1000 dogs personally. He’s recommended by vets and is one of the few dog trainers chosen by the TV and film industry. Our dog training approach combines knowledge and understanding with a practical ability to get the results you want for your dog. All of our methods are non-abusive, of course.
  • You probably don’t want hours of waffle and technical jargon, you just want to understand why your dog is behaving this way, and find out how to fix it, We’ve studied dog psychology so you don’t have to. . We can explain to you what your dog is thinking and why – in common-sense terms. Most dog owners find a little dog psychology absolutely fascinating.
  • Whatever you need for your dog, we can show you HOW to get right result in the right way. We’re hands-on dog trainers (wherever possible!) with a great reputation among our clients. There’s a difference between competition dog obedience training (which most people don’t want) and great everyday dog behaviour – which everyone wants. 
  • Prateek works with a dedicated small team of professional dog trainers. Together we are DOW Dog Training. The Best dog trainers in delhi providing best dog training services.

Dog Trainer Delhi Prateek Kashyap

“I have been providing dog training services in delhi from many years i have learnt every dog, owner or family are different. Each unique combination deserves a solution that is tailor-made for you, your dog (or puppy), and your circumstances“

We love our work – and it comes across, apparently! Our consultation is entertaining as well as educational. The ones who should benefit the most in the end are the dogs of course, and we never lose sight of that – But if we can have a bit of fun too along the way, well that’s fine by us!

If you’d like to learn more about DOW dog and puppy training, just click on the tabs at the top of the page.


We know there are many dog trainers out there, but we are so confident in our methods that we guarantee your happiness!


It's important to find the right trainer for your dog! Call us anytime and we'll be happy to answer all your questions!


Our dog trainers have been asked to conduct seminars and trainings all over the world!

Dog Trainers In Delhi

Dog Trainers in Delhi :- Here at Dow Dog Training®, we go through an extensive vetting and training process with all of our dog trainers in delhi to ensure that every trainer we bring into our family (and yours) has the talents and skills to give you and your dog the best training possible!

We take pride in giving you not only the best quality training information but a dog trainer who will truly be there for you and guide you through the process. Our clients in Delhi are our family, which is why we take such great pride in hiring only the best dog trainers in delhi! We receive dozens of applications from trainers ever month, but only through a thorough interview, training and apprenticeship period does anybody earn the opportunity to be an DOW Dog trainer in Delhi.

All of our trainers practice the positive reinforcement training methods which you’ll find across our website and Prateek’s social media channels, which means when you hire Best dog trainers in delhi, you’re getting consistent, top-notch dog training!

Team of best dog trainers in delhi

Dog trainer in delhi - prateek

Senior Dog Trainer in delhi
Prateek Kashyap

Prateek Kashyap’s techniques are unique and flexible as no dogs are alike; each training session is tailored to suit each owner and dog. He currently resides in Delhi & Bangkok with his Bull Terrier Piggy and Pug Ginger, who makes sure he’s up to par on her training skills
Serving South Delhi :-
South Extension, Jangpura, New Friends Colony, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Chattarpur, Chittaranjan Park, Greater Kailash, Panchsheel Park.

Dog Trainer in delhi

Arun - Dog Trainer in safdarjung enclave, south delhi, new delhi.

Arun has always had a deep love for dogs; she’s been in love with them ever since he was a little boy, when be formed a special bond with his first dog, Nickie. Nickie was a light in her life and inspired him to continue learning more and more about dogs.

Serving South Delhi :-
New Friends Colony, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Sanik Farm, Safdarjung Enclave, Chanakyapuri, Chittaranjan Park, Greater Kailash.

Dog Trainer in delhi

Sandeep - Dog trainer in vasant vihar, south delhi, new delhi.

Seeking his path in the dog field, Sandeep decided to pursue a career as both a veterinary assistant and a dog trainer. Although he enjoyed both lines of work, after spending more than 3 years as a veterinary assistant, He knew another path was calling him name.
Serving South Delhi :-
Jangpura, New Friends Colony, Vasant Kunj, Vasant Vihar, Sanik Farm, Chanakyapuri, Safdarjung Enclave.



Preparation & How-to

  • Setting Up A Schedule For Your Dog
  • Desensitization to City
  • Selecting a Dog Walker, Daycare and Veterinarian

Introducing Your Dog

  • New Baby Preparation
  • How to Introduce a Baby to Your Dog
  • Multi-dog Household – Welcoming a New Dog Into The Family

New Puppy Training

  • Puppy Socialization
  • Leash Training
  • Crate Training
  • House Training
  • Puppy Manners
  • Puppy Matchmaking
  • Puppy 101 – All You Need to Know About Getting a New Dog
  • Preparing for Your New Puppy (For Owners)

Obedience Training

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Tricks
  • Building Confidence in a Shy or Fearful Dog

Behavior Training

  • Excessive Barking
  • Doorbell Excitement
  • Leash Manners, Aggression and Frustration
  • Elevator Etiquette
  • Door Bolting
  • Impulse Control
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Desensitization to Sounds and Wheels
  • Desensitization to Handling

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Why do Dogs Get Aggressive?

Dogs get aggressive in situations that are unpleasant or it can be a cocktail of emotions that leads to aggressive behaviour, most commonly dogs get aggressive when provoked but the pre-aggression state of a dog at the moment of that provocation also matters.

Aggression can serve different purposes of a dog, including:

  • To express anger or hostility.
  • Feeling Powerless.
  • To show dominance.
  • To intimidate or threaten.
  • If demands are not fulfilled.
  • To express possession.
  • A response to fear.
  • A reaction to pain.
  • To compete with others.


Puppy dog Training in delhi


When treating a dog with separation anxiety, the goal is to resolve the dog’s underlying anxiety by teaching him to enjoy, or at least tolerate, being left alone. This is accomplished by setting things up so that the dog experiences the situation that provokes his anxiety, namely being alone, without experiencing fear or anxiety.


Dog barking solution


A dog’s bark sounds different when he wants to play as compared to when he wants to come in from the yard. If you want to reduce your dog’s barking, it’s crucial to determine why he’s barking. It will take some time to teach your dog to bark less.

Dog Training Services Delhi


Aggression is the most common and most serious behavior problem in dogs. It’s also the number-one reason why pet parents seek professional help from behaviorists, trainers and veterinarians.

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