Dog Training Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the way you train and the way many others train?
A. Many trainers just train the dog which is easy. Your dog spends a month with a trainer and the dog will obey the trainer. Once the dog gets home and the owner does not know the same methods that the trainer used or the same commands he will figure out very quickly that you do not know what you are doing or that you have not learned any of the techniques that the trainer used and then real problems begin. The way we train, you will be taught how to train your own dogs using step-by-step using humane “Pack Leader” techniques that are proven.

Q. How old does my dog/puppy need to be before I can start the training?
A. Your dog should be 12 weeks of age or older.

Q. What type of dog training methods do you use?
A. We use positive reinforcement. Which can be food, praise, or a favorite toy, there are many types of rewards for training.

Q. What if I have a problem dog, can you still train him?
A.Yes, we can customize a training program for you that will address your specific needs.

Q. My dog is old and set in his ways, is he to old for training?
A. No, a dog can be trained at any age providing he is in good health.

Q.Will I need more training after I take this course?
A. Our training method teaches you how to train your dog. Training is simply a way of communicating with your dog what you want him to do. We offer advance courses for those who want additional opportunities for their dog, and training is something you have to be consistent with. There is no such thing as “ONCE TRAINED ALWAYS TRAINED”. You have made a commitment to have a dog in your life and in order for him to always see you as the “Pack Leader” you will need to spend time training him on a regular basis.

Q. How long will the training take?
A. Most of our dog training classes are six lessons. You will see results during the first lesson. By the third lesson your dog will be communicating with you. The length of time to fully train your dog will depend on what you want to achieve and how much time you are willing to spend with him.

Q. Do you train my dog?
A. No, we train you to train your dog. This way you will be able to train any dog that you get in the future using the same method. We want your dog to listen to you, since you are the one that is going to be living with him.

Q. Are the lessons fun?
A. Absolutely, and they build confidence in you and your dog. You will always remember when your dog does something great, and he will. Your dog will be learning new things all the time and you will feel proud of your achievements.

Q. How will my dog benefit from the course, I really always wanted just a pet?
A. Your dog will benefit in many different ways. Behavior problems will cease, he will be a happier dog and you will be happier because he is happier. Your dog will become more confident and relaxed.

Q. Is it really important to spend money on training?
A. This training is an investment for life, not just your current dog, but all the dogs that you get in the future. This is a formal dog training education that lays the foundation. Think of how much more enjoyable life will be with a trained dog that’s not getting into trouble all the time. You will be able to have more enjoyable time on walks with your family and your dog. If you take your dog out in public you will not have to worry about his behavior, because he will be well behaved. How much money do you want to spend on replacing your chewed shoes, damaged carpets, dry-wall and heaven forbid electrical cables. You will not have to worry about your dog jumping on your guests or even not being able to let your dog in the house when you have company, because he growls at them.

Q. Will my dog listen to other members of my family after the training?
A. Yes, we can show the other members of your family the same methods that we will show you, this way your dog will listen to them too.

Q. What if I have more that one dog that needs to be trained?
A. No problem we offer multiple dog household discounts.

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