Prateek Kashyap

About Prateek Kashyap, The Dog Behaviour Specialist .

Prateek is India’s leading dog psychology expert and dog behaviour specialist covering the Delhi NCR Area

Prateek is a dog training geek and family pooches are sure his favorite.  He loves to work with interesting behavior cases and knows how to bring the desired positive change. With his behavior balancing methods and unique ability to see and decode dog’s subtle  body-language and signals, Prateek has helped to:

  • Rehabilitate severely abused and traumatized dogs coming from a variety of situations like neglectful pasts and mistreatment. 
  • Build confidence and impulse control in shy, timid, and fearful aggressive dogs.
  • Teach individuals and families how to become the leader and get multiple dogs listening and under control.
  • Teach dogs with various types of phobias how to tune out the unimportant stuff that is causing their anxieties.
  • Teach hyperactive dogs that are out of control to be calm and in control in any situation.

Much of Prateek’s life revolves around training dogs, dog shoots and listening to pet related webinars.And surprisingly all this expertise wasn’t gained through formal qualifications, but through learning from dogs themselves.

Prateek gained insight into fascinating dog breeds and connected with dogs on a deeper level than ever before. With his new-found knowledge and skills, Prateek started training his friends’ dogs and  puppies to become great dogs, achieving fast and remarkable results. Word spread and pretty soon he was the dog behavioural specialist people were looking for. 

He’s worked with hundreds of dogs and counting…


Prateek’s advice and strategies are grounded in science and an in-depth knowledge of proven methods. He has studied many approaches to training, and borrowed the best from each. 


Prateek’s 12 years of training experience take into account the age of the dog, the traits of the breed, and the personality of the owner he’s working with. He has helped over 1,000 families achieve harmony between the dogs and people.


Training With Love

Training With Love is based in science, rooted in humane methods, and is the best way to understand your dog. It means approaching each dog from a place of empathy and using methods easily understood by your dog.

Behavior Balancing

The process involves paying very close attention to minute details the dog communicates naturally through their behavior and providing precise, well-timed, appropriate, consistent feedback to guide the dog to become more confident, calm, social, in-control and obedient.

Happiness Guarantee

When you enroll in any of my training programs, I make a lifetime commitment to your dog. I guarantee that your pooch will be an enjoyable, well-mannered member of your family. What does this mean for you, the dog owner?
  • I am available by phone if you ever have questions or concerns.
  • I will meet with you and your dog if a problem persists.
  • I will do whatever is necessary to help your dog be Your Best Companion.